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SCASA’s goal is to promote, teach, oversee, and represent the game of soccer; recognizing that people of all abilities should compete in a fun and safe environment.  All SCASA league games will be played according to current IFAB  rules, with the following exceptions or additions see SCASA Rules.


SCASA Rules | SCASA Walking Soccer Playing Rules




IFAB Laws of the Game


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a. The referee’s authority begins upon his/her arrival in the proximity of the game to be played and continues uninterrupted until he/she leaves.

b. In the event of the issuance of an ejection (red card), the offending player / team official shall immediately surrender his/her card and immediately leave the area of the game (including the parking lot), and not further participate until notified by the league Justice (see Judicial). Failure to leave the area of the game or refusal to surrender player cards will result in additional game suspension.

c. Teams will be held responsible for the conduct of their sideline participants.

i. Sideline participants include players, coaches, managers, spectators, or other person in the opinion of the game official is associated with the teams.

ii. Sideline misconduct is defined as any act or action by a sideline participant disruptive to the game and includes assault or abuse directed toward the game official/s, field players, or other sideline participants.



a. Should a referee find it necessary to eject a player for actions or words occurring after the player card has been returned to a team, and should the card(s) not be surrendered to the referee upon request, then a notification of the facts to the Justice shall be sufficient to cause imposition of penalties in addition to those ordinarily warranted by the actions or words.

b. Should a player receive a red card the referees are instructed to keep the player card and return to the SCASA office. Suspensions/fines are determined by the SCASA Justice, do not ask the referee. The player or manager should contact the office for this information.

c. Any player who accumulates two cautions during play or league matches per season may, at the discretion of the Justice, be suspended for one week.

d. Red card infractions will be dealt with per SCASA Infraction Guidelines (See m).

e. Players ejected for violent conduct:

i. Shall be fined $50.00 if after review by the SCASA Justice the incident is determined to be fighting.

ii. Violent conduct, fights will warrant stronger punishment handed out.

f. ANY continued misconduct (swearing at a referee, etc.) will ADD more games to suspension.

g. Failure to leave after receiving a red card in a timely manner ADDS games to your suspension.

h. The manager may receive official notification of sanctions from the Judicial Chairman. If notification is not received the player or manager should contact the office for this information.

i. Ineligible Players:

i. A team found to have played an unregistered, fraudulently registered, suspended or otherwise ineligible player shall forfeit the game or games and said player shall sit out one week. The team may be fined a minimum $50.00 fine per occurrence.

ii. The instance of a player having "borrowed" an absent player’s identity will be treated as two occurrences per game. Additional game suspension/s may be added at the discretion of the SCASA board.

iii. The penalty for additional violations shall be $150.00 and a mandatory appearance before a Board of Review for both the player and the team manager.

j. Sideline Misconduct:

i. Sanctions for sideline misconduct may include temporary suspension of the game, abandoning the game (recorded as a forfeit by the offending team/s), player cautions (yellow card) or player ejections (red card), or cautions or ejections of the manager, coach, other individuals, or the team.

ii. The need for imposing sanctions for sideline misconduct during the game will be at the sole discretion of the referee. Further player and team sanctions will be at the discretion of the Justice and the Board of Directors of the League.

iii. Minimum suspensions for assault will be based on the guidelines for violent conduct for players, see below.

iv. Incidents of referee abuse or assault are considered severe misconducts and will not be tolerated and will be referred to WSASA (see V. REFEREES d).

v. The Board of Directors of the League may impose additional sanctions depending on the severity of the misconduct: individual players or teams may be suspended for the remainder of the season, additional seasons, a period of years, or permanently from the League.

k. The SCASA Board has the right to review and evaluate player actions, both physical and verbal, and to assess suspensions and/or penalties to ensure safety and fair play.

i. The League Justice has the right to delay suspension and/or ruling due to time constraints. Any suspensions may be carried over to the next season/s or league sanctioned tournament.

l. In the event a game is abandoned by the referee due to violent conduct by both teams (includes sidelines) each team shall be assessed a five (5) game suspension and fined the cost of those games (pending any appeals). Where individual players could be identified additional sanctions will occur. Note that other teams in the division involved will not lose any games due to this suspension, remaining games will be re-scheduled.

m. Infraction Guidelines:


i. The following guidelines will be used in determining disciplinary sanctions:

1. Class of Infraction

a. Technical – Class I

i. Serious Foul Play - Intentionally handling a ball to prevent a goal or a goal scoring opportunity

ii. Serious Foul Play – Impeding a player, through unlawful means, thus denying the attacking player’s team a goal scoring opportunity

iii. Foul or abusive language – not directed at another.

iv. Persisting in misconduct– after having received a caution

b. Physical – Intentional – Class II

i. Serious Foul Play – other than those listed under Class I

ii. Foul or abusive language – directed at another player or spectator

c. Physical – Intentional – Class III

i. Violent Conduct

ii. Foul or abusive language – directed at a game official

iii. Racial harassment, Sexual harassment

2. Penalties for Infraction

a. Class I

i. Minimum: Caution or removal of player during reported game and one additional game suspension.

ii. Nominal: Caution or removal of player during reported game

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